Do you ever notice how window and remodeling contractors come and go? At G. B. Wineland Son we've learned from over 100 years of doing business that it takes quality people, superior products, hard work and integrity to give you, the customer, the workmanship, service and best value available.


We are contractors, but many remodelers are in fact "marketers". They use highly paid commissioned salespeople and telemarketers, which can inflate the price of the window to two or three times higher than its value. Also, large corporations lend their names to local subcontractors at a premium, solely for name association. So as you can well imagine, with these types of operations you can hardly say, "You get what you pay for!"


On the other hand, small contractors often come and go because of business or financial inexperience and may not be there in the future if you were in need of additional products or repairs.